Sunday, June 12, 2016

ADFOLF Vintage One Piece Pin Up Swimsuit

The ADFOLF Vintage one piece swimsuit is my now favorite swimsuit to wear!  This swimsuit makes your body look AMAZING!  I ordered my swimsuit in the color black!  I also ordered my swimsuit in XX-Large.   I normally order my swimsuits in X-Large but I wanted to make sure this fit as it was imported and these items run a little smaller.   I am one very happy lady, this swimsuit fits me perfectly!  I am very happy I ordered bigger!  In the picture above, this is what the swimsuit looks like in the front.

Here is what the back of this swimsuit looks like!  I love the basic black color of this swimsuit!  The material is made up of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.  The material feels very comfortable on my body!

I love that this swimsuit comes with adjustable straps giving you away to make comfort or support!  The hardware is a very shinny gold which looks chic with the black!

Now let me show you what I LOVE about this swimsuit!  This picture above shows you the swimsuit rouges in the stomach and chest area!   I love this, reason being is it make you look slimmer and gives you some nice dimension.  Since having my son three years ago I am not a fan of 2 piece bathing suits.  I am always looking for a super cute, fitted and comfortable one piece swimsuit and I have finally found it!  This swim suit not only flatters my curvaceous body but I am also covered in the areas I want to be!  This swimsuit was very comfortable and easy to put on.  My bust is a size 38DD and the cups in this swimsuit fit me perfectly!  If you're looking for that perfect one piece swimsuit.....THIS IS IT!  These swimsuits are on sale right now for $14.99....Such a great price!

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ADFOLF Women's One Piece Bathing Suit Monokini

The ADFOLF women's one piece bathing suit is so comfortable.  I ordered my swimsuit in the size XX-Large.  I usually order size X-large but I waned to make sure this swimsuit would fit me perfectly no matter what, so I ordered bigger!  I am very happy I did that as this XX-Large fit me perfectly! It wasn't too tight at all!  I am always looking for a cute one piece bathing suit!  Since having my last child 3 years ago, I do not feel comfortable in a 2 piece swimsuit anymore and that is okay!  I love that this swimsuit comes in the color black and it has white straps and a white lining around the top of the bathing-suit. The picture above is the front of the swimsuit!

Here is the back of this swimsuit! I also really like the simplicity in this swimsuit!  It was easy to put this swimsuit on and one thing I love about this swimsuit is how high the back lays.  The high back is great for anyone who may not want to show there lower back off.  I really enjoy the thick straps on this swimsuit.  It made this swimsuit very comfortable on my shoulders!  Lets face it not all swimsuits are made for comfort that is for sure!  The material is made up 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

This swimsuit comes with removable pads in the chest area.  You can remove or adjust them as you please.  This swimsuit also has a underwire in it but it is a very small wire.  I didn't even feel it at first until I ran my hand over it.  The one thing I did notice about this swimsuit besides being SO comfortable is it made me look flat chested.   Now I am a 38 DD and my chest fit perfectly in this swimsuit.  The thing that caught me off guard is I had cleavage at the top but it almost looked flat all the way down my chest and stomach.  I think it is the material which is fine for me but if your looking for a sculpting hot one piece this is not it.  I can't wait to take my kids to the pool in my new swimsuit!

If you would like to purchase your ADFOLF Women's One Piece Bathing Suit Monokini click HERE

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Women Active Ankle Leggings

If you're looking for a good pair of leggings these are it! The Bentibo women's active ankle leggings are so cute!  These leggings are made with such nice quality!  I love to wear leggings everyday! 

These leggings come in the color grey and they have a black stripe which goes down each sides of your legs.  I ordered my leggings in the size of X-Large which is the normal size I usually order.  They fit me perfectly!  These types of pants are always tight!  These would not be the pants to wear on a day you are bloated that is for sure.

I love the black stripe which gives you a pop of color on your leggings.

This material is made up of 87% polyester and 13 % spandex.  The material is very soft on your skin.  I really like how it smooths out all area's on your legs, thighs and bottom.

I love the high waist band on these leggings.  I am a curvaceous woman so having this high waist band helps me to feel more comfortable when wearing leggings.  The waist band also has two black rectangle pieces which is in the front and also in the back.  The backsides black rectangle has the logo on it.

The Bentibo Women's active ankle leggings are perfect to wear if you like to run, do yoga, walk or really any exercises.  Right now due to health issues I am dealing with, I like to wear leggings a lot because they are easy to pair with all kinds of different shirts and look cute.  These leggings are a little long as you can see in the picture above but I would rather have extra material at the end than them being too short.  I really enjoy the black designs on these leggings.  The designs kind of spruce up this pair of leggings making them very unique.  These leggings have a tiny little pocket on the waist band, I would never use it but it is there for something really small to carry with you. 
 I definitely recommend these leggings!

If you would like to purchase your own pair of  Women Active Ankle Leggings click HERE

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Senchanting Zip-front Racerback Sports Bra

This sports bra by Senchanting is so comfortable! I picked my sports yoga bra in the color Grey.  The size I picked was in X-Large which is for sizes 38B, 38C and 38D.  The material is made up of nylon and spandex.

One of the things I love the most about this sports bra is the fabric covers that go over the zipper and the pull tab.  The picture on the left side shows the fabric covers not over the zipper and pull tab.  The right side picture shows the fabric covers over the zipper and pull tab.  This helps to ensure that the zipper does not have a chance of digging into your chest or  the middle of your rib cage. 

Here is the inside of this zip-front sports bra.  You put it on like a jacket and zip it up.

This sports bra as removable padded pads.  To remove it just slip it through the hole and pull it out.  Putting the padding back in is kind of tricky.  I just squeeze the pad in half and place it back in the whole.  Then I maneuver it around to sit perfectly in the cup.

This sports bra has a black lining all around the rimming and edges and also a few different patterns of black dot designs.  This little design is on both of the front straps.

The back of the sports bra also has the black  dot design pattern in a triangle shape right in the center of the bra on your back.

Here is the backside of the zip-front racerback sports bra.

I have been testing this sports bra out ever since I received it.  I love the color of this bra!  The racerback is a style I love to wear because I wear a lot of shirts which are racerback and its perfect to wear with these shirts so I do not show my bra.  This sports bra is one of the most comfortable sports bras I have ever worn. The material is very soft on my skin. I literally put it on and don't even feel like I am wearing a bra, which is FABULOUS!  I like to wear sports bras daily unless I am dressing up for an event!  My cup size is a 38DD.  This bra was a little bit of a struggle zipping closed but once I took the padding out, it was easier for me to zip up.  In the picture above I am wearing this lovely sports bra! I love that you can't see any straps!  I definitely recommend this zip-front racerback sports bra!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Welcos Women's Yoga Pants

Beautiful ladies I have a wonderful pair of yoga pants to tell you about this morning! These are the Welco Women's Yoga Pants! 

These yoga pants come in the color grey.

One of the things I love about these yoga pants are the high waist band! 

These yoga pants have a little pocket on the waist band which you could put something small in it.

The color of these pants is one of my favorites! 

The material on these pants are made up of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex.  It sure smooths out my legs and behind and makes them nice and sleek!

On the upper part of the waistband on the back, there is the logo "Welco."

These pants are one of my favorite pairs of yoga pants!  They aren't too tight which is great because anything tight on my Endometriosis belly is no good! I love to wear yoga pants everyday! I love that you can dress a pair of a yoga pants up with a cute shirt and boots or sandals or dress it down with sneakers like I did.  I like that this pair does not have that shiny look to them.  These pants are a little long and I am 5'6" but I would rather have a little material left over than be wearing high waiters.  These yoga pants are definitely a hot pair of yoga pants! 

If you would like to purchase your pair of  Welcos Women's Yoga Pants click HERE

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Swim Fins for Kids

WOW! If you're looking for a great set of swimming fins for your kids these are it!  These awesome fins are made for many different activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving and water sports!  Now let me show you these amazing kids sized fins from Ivation!

Here are the swimming fins we picked the color in Yellow.  We picked our size in Large/X-Large sizes 1-4 which fit my 7 and 8 years old feet perfectly. 

  Here is the bottom of the fins.

There is a removable inserts in each fin which helps to keep the shape of the fins foot area.

Here is a look at the inside of the fins where your child's foot goes.

This is where you adjust the strap to fit your child's foot perfectly! You press the button in and you can pull the straps in or out as you please.

The top of the fin has the logo "Ivation" on it.

Here is a look of how your child's feet should look while wearing these swim fins.

Nevaeh and Taylor are ready to go swimming with there new fins!

I took my kids swimming and they could not wait to test out these swim fins! Neither of my kids have ever wore fins before so it was very new to all of us.  This is my daughter Nevaeh! It was very easy to put these swim fins on her and tighten them to her size.  She wears a size 2 in shoes.  At first Nevaeh said it was hard to get used to walking in the fins but after practicing and testing them out for a while she was okay. Nevaeh said it made her feel like she was swimming in the ocean.  Once she got the hang of how to use the fins correctly, she was swimming all over the place.  It was very easy for her to learn!

This is my son Taylor. Taylor wears a size 3 in shoes and these fins fit his feet perfectly once adjusted to his size. My son had a blast swimming with these fins and pretended he was swimming in the ocean with the fish and dolphins. Not only did he have a good time he looked awesome wearing them!  There were other kids in the swimming pool and I think they might have been a little envious that Taylor and Nevaeh had such cool swimming fins.  In the near future, I hope to take these swimming fins to Hawaii for a family vacation! We definitely recommend these swimming fins for all kids!

If you would like to purchase your own set of swimming fins click HERE

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Casual Low Cut No Show Socks

The Adfolf no-show socks are exactly what I like to wear with my sneakers! You will receive 12 pairs of socks in this package!  These socks come in the color black!
12 pairs of no-show socks

These no-show socks look very small! Once you place your foot inside of the sock though it stretches out to the perfect size.  

Each sock has a rubber decal inside on the heal and ankle area which helps to hold your sock in place.  This rubber decal helps to ensure your sock does not slide down!  

The material is very soft and lightweight!  The material is made up of 100% combed cotton! 

As you can see in the picture above, you can not see my socks at all. 

Here is another look as you can not see my socks in this picture also.  These shoes stop a little lower than the first pair of shoes I showed.  You still can not see my socks!

I absolutely love these socks! I hate wearing shorts or capri pants with my sneakers when my socks poke out! It is just not my style.  These socks make it so they do not show at all but you actually have socks on.  You have to wear socks no matter what due to perspiring!  If you have ever worn a pair of shoes without sock you know how stinky your shoe gets then you end up ruining your shoes because of the sweaty smell...not good! I have worn many different no-show socks and have dealt with my sock sliding down off of my ankle and heel.  That can be very frustrating but having the rubber gripper inside has made it so my socks stay up all day!  The rubber piece is so small you don't even notice it is in there!  I wear a size 6 in men shoes and these socks fit me perfectly! I definitely recommend these socks!

If you would like to purchase your pack of 12 Casual Low Cut No Show Socks click HERE!

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Racerback Swimsuit Cover Up Beachwear Dress

All right ladies if you're looking for a super cute beach or pool cover up this is it!  This swimsuit cover up is by Lucky Love!  I am always looking for something to wear over my swimsuit to go to the pool in!  I love to go swimming and I have finally found the perfect swimsuit cover-up!

I chose the color in Black Stripe.  The size I chose was in x-large which is the normal size I usually order my clothes in!  This cover up fit me perfectly!

The back of this swimsuit cover up comes in a racer-back style which is one of my favorite types of shirts! 

This cover up has a mint green stripe down both sides of your torso and also is lined on the upper part of the dress in this color!  This color is the reason I picked this beautiful cover up!  This mint green is my favorite color.....GORGEOUS!

The material on this swimsuit cover up is made of 93% viscose and 7% polyester.  The material is one of the softest materials I have ever worn before! Looking for lightweight material, this is it! 

This cover-up is long enough to wear without shorts underneath to the pool! It covered my bottom comfortably in my opinion.

The sides on this swimsuit cover-up do go higher up  than the front and back pieces as you can see in the picture provided.  

I ended up taking my nieces and kids swimming this week.  I was so excited to wear my new swimsuit  cover-up.  I felt covered enough just to put this on over my bathing suit and leave my house as we live a block away from the pool.  I felt so comfortable and also so cute in this cover-up!  I love the designs and also the color of the material.  This is like an over-sized tank top but way more comfy! I could seriously sleep in this, hang out in the house in this and or even wear it out and about! If I wasn't going swimming I would definitely wear shorts underneath it like I did for my pictures just because of the high-rise on the side of the thigh!  I really like that this swimsuit cover up wasn't tight! It was free-flowing and loose which is what you want while wearing a cute cover-up.  I definitely recommend this product! You will not be disappointed!

If you would like to purchase your own Racerback Swimsuit Cover Up Beachwear Dress click HERE!

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