Tuesday, November 1, 2016

VesFashion Corner Guards

The VesFashion Corner guards are exactly what we were needing in our home!  You will receive 12 corner guards in this set. You will receive 3 packages with 4 corner guards in each package with 6 clear 2 sided round tape studs.  These corner guards are not only perfect for when you have a little baby around but also when furniture corners are so sharp that you don't want anyone to get scraped by them.

Here is a corner guard up close! 

These corner guards are very easy to assemble!
Let me show you how to attach your corner guards to these pointy furniture corners!

Pull off one 2 sided tape and place it on the flat piece of your guard. 

Then we will place it on a dangerous corner like this T.V. stand in my boy's room.  This stand has such sharp corners and the height of this stand is very dangerous to both of my boys.

Once you remove the other piece of paper on the corner guard, you will place the corner guard directly into the sleeve.   There is a perfectly formed 90 degree angel for the corner that you are covering.  Then press down so the 2 sided tape holds on to the surface snug.

I also did the bed post as these corners are way sharp also.

We also attached them to the same furniture in my daughters room.  About 2 weeks ago she scratched her thigh really bad on this corner.  If you have ever ran into a corner of a piece of furniture you know how bad that hurts.  She was so happy to have some security around these dangerous furniture corners!

I definitely recommend the VesFashion corner guards.  They were very easy to attach to furniture.  Now I know my kids will not be getting hurt by these very pointy corners.  I believe the material of these corner guards are made up of silicone or some type of soft plastic.  I love that these corner guards are clear.  I definitely recommend these corner guards to everyone.

If you would like to purchase your own set of VesFashion Corner Guards click HERE

              I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!