Monday, June 6, 2016

Women's Fitness Yoga Capri Pants

Hey ladies!  We are going to talk about this pair of Yoga Capri Pants by Welco!  I wear yoga pants a lot!  NO, I am not always working out putting down that gym time! I am running errands, chasing kids and literally doing aerobics (cleaning house isn't easy) at my home all day, everyday!  Yoga pants are great to wear no matter what you're doing!

These pants came in the color black.  I ordered X-Large, which is the normal size I wear! These yoga pants fit obviously as you can see from my pictures but they do run a little small! I am not a fan of super tight clothes on my stomach area right now as I am dealing with a really bad spout of endometriosis.   So let's be honest here....I did a few squats and pulled them away from stomach to stretch out the material a bit!  The size X-large was the biggest size you could order, I wished there was one or two more sizes bigger to choose from because they would have been perfect!

The material is made up of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex.  The material is very soft and comfortable on my skin.

I really like that this material isn't shiny! It actually looks like cotton like pants.

There is a "W" symbol with the words "Welco" on the backside above your bottom.

The one thing I do love about these yoga capri pants is they have that high thick band!  This band in my opinion makes yoga pants more comfortable.  I am a curvy woman and if this band isn't on these types of pants I feel like my bottom will pop out.

There is a little secret  tiny pocket on the left side of  the lining on your hip.  

I do recommend these yoga capri pants but make sure you order a size bigger!  Capri pants are always great to wear especially with the weather warming up! I like to wear my yoga capri pants with my tennis shoes or a pair of flip flops.  

If you would like to purchase your own pair of  Women's Fitness Yoga Capri Pants click HERE!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.