Wednesday, June 1, 2016

SolarDuke Solar Dragonfly Garden Stake Lights

If you're looking for a beautiful way to spruce up your garden, pathways or flower beds these beautiful dragonfly solar lights are perfect to add!  The SolarDuke Solar Dragonfly Garden Stake Lights are so easy to install!

You will receive each stand and dragonfly's separated in bags.

Here is all the pieces you will need to put together the stand.

First step...Connect the two long poles.  The black middle device is the solar power unit!

Secondly....add the stake into the bottom of the pole.  This is the part that you will put into the ground.

The solar panel hangs off the side of the pole.  You are able to move the panel up and down as you please.  

On the bottom of the solar panel there is a button.  You can switch it to Aut = Automatic or Off.  If you put it on automatic the lights will turn on by itself once it gets dark.  If you turn the switch to off the lights will not come on at all.

Lastly you screw in the beautiful acrylic clear dragonfly's by the threading on the pole.

You're solar light should look like this! the solar lights in an area you want to have them shine at night!

We picked an area right by our front door! This area by my door is really boring and needs a little beauty added! 

Lets talk about solar lights! Solar lights are one of the coolest ways to enjoy lights! The way a solar light works, is the sun charges up a built in rechargeable battery which converts it into electrical energy.  No need to change batteries or bulbs!  These light have 100,000 hours of light to shine!

Here is the light you will get at night!

Beautiful multi-color dragonfly's rotates through many different colors!

Look how beautiful all of the colors are! 7 different colors!

We are getting ready to move soon and I cant wait to use these at our new home! These solar lights were very easy to put together and place them in the ground! I am a really big fan of solar power usage! Not only are the dragonfly's beautiful but they give off just the right amount of light!  I like that you have the option of turning the lights off if you please.

If you would like to purchase your own set of SolarDuke Dragonfly lights click HERE

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!