Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Knife Set - 5 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Starter Knife Set

If you're looking for a good quality set of kitchen knifes these are it!  You will receive 4 different knifes in this set and also a swivel peeler!  This is a perfect starter set or a great set to add to your kitchen.  Below I will go through each knife and lets cut a long now!

This set comes packaged very safely as all knifes had a cardboard sleeve on them! 

The swivel peeler's handle comes in black.  The material is a thick plastic on the handle which fits great in my hand to peel potatoes, carrots and many different fruits.

You have the option of hanging this peeler up with a provided cut out on the handle.

The double blade is very sharp which is great when peeling hard skins like apples!

Here is the pairing knife you get in this set! This knife makes it easy to de-vein shrimp, cut small areas in vegetables out and I also use it to make designs in my cookies.  The tip on the blade is very small and easy to handle.

The blade on this pairing knife is just under 3 inches tall.

The size of this pairing knife with handle and blade included is 6 inches big.

The next knife we are going to talk about is the filet knife.  I love to use this knife to cut my Delmonico steaks in half. My husband also uses this knife to filet his fish.

The blade on the filet knife is just over 6 inches tall.

The filet knife measures at a little over 11 inches big including the handle and blade.

Next we have a bread knife.  Bread knifes are so important to have.  This knife makes cutting a loaf of bread so much easier! 

The saw like blade makes it so you can rapidly and efficiently slice bread into pieces.  Have you ever tried to use a normal knife on a loaf of ends up being crushed down because your forcefully trying to cut through it!  Using a bread knife will be easier to use and also you will have the same shape of bread you started with!

The bread knife also has a tong like edges on the point of the knife.

The bread knifes blade is a little over 8 inches tall.

The bread knife measures over 12 inches long including the handle and blade.

The last knife you will receive is the most used knife in the kitchen.  The Chef's knife also known as the butcher knife.  I use this knife for almost everything! NO matter what I need to cut up, this is my go to knife!

The chef's knife's blade is very jagged and sharp! It also has a very pointy tip.

The blade on the chef's knife is 8 inches tall.

The chef's knife measures over 12 inches long including the handle and blade.

The blade on the chef's knife is also over 1 inch wide which makes cutting big things like an onion much easier.

Each blade in this set are made with surgical stainless steel.  

Each of the knife's handles has an indent which fits your thumb perfectly!

I absolutely think this is a wonderful set of knifes.  They are made with very good quality of material and you can tell it once it is in your hand.  Every knife in this set is one that I always use in my kitchen.  I really like that they added a swivel peeler in this set as it is hard to find a good peeler.  The peelers size is what I like! Since it is wide I can peel much quicker with this one.  I wish these knifes came with a provided storing block or case.  I definitely recommend this set of  5 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Starter Knife Set!

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.