Saturday, June 4, 2016

High Quality Artist Grade 36 Piece Pencil Set

This set of 36 piece pencil set is great for any artist who is looking for a variety of different pencils.  This set comes with 4 different types of pencils! Now let me show you how awesome this set is!

This set  comes with:
12 Watercolor Pencils
8 Graphite Pencils
4 Woodless Graphite Pencils
12 Colored Pencils

The watercolor pencils are so cool! I never actually tested watercolor pencils out until I used these!  So there are a few ways you can use these pencils.  You can use watercolor paper and get the paper wet a little bit. I didn't have watercolor paper so what I did was color rectangle shapes of each color.  Then I took a paint brush and ran it over each color creating circles!  This make the colors so vibrant and beautiful!  The cool thing with using these watercolor pencils is you don't have to precise and perfect with with your coloring.  Once you add that water to the color they just melt into a beautiful paint like look.  I have seen many different pictures where the artist layered the colors and created new colors or very cool dimensions with more than one color.  These watercolor pencils are marked with a gold cuff around the bottom of each pencil.

This package comes with different size graphite pencils!  I have also never used these type of pencils before, so this was very new to me!  Testing these out were very interesting.
You will receive graphite pencils in:
6B Woodless Pencils
4B Woodless Pencils

After testing these out I can tell that the bigger the number the thicker the piece of graphite is in the pencil.  After doing some research the numbers represent the graphite rating scale.  The letters "B" mean Blackness and "H" means hard.  All though  different brands of graphite pencils may not be the same.  These pencils are best for shading and also detailed work.  So basically its like a dark, middle and light tone pencils.

Here is my beautiful art work I used all 12 colored pencils over and over! It was very easy to glide the pencil on a angle or up right to get into little tiny areas! Depending on the amount of pressure you use is what will make a difference in the color pay off.  I used plain white copying paper which was very easy to color on.

This set of 36 Piece Pencil set comes in its own carrying case which makes it easy to store and travel with.

This set of 36 piece pencils is great to have especially if you like to draw and color! This set has so many different art tools to create such a master piece of art work!  I definitely recommend this set to everyone! You don't have to be a pro to use this set, all you have to do is use your imagination and let your hand take you into your creative side!

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.