Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Casual Low Cut No Show Socks

The Adfolf no-show socks are exactly what I like to wear with my sneakers! You will receive 12 pairs of socks in this package!  These socks come in the color black!
12 pairs of no-show socks

These no-show socks look very small! Once you place your foot inside of the sock though it stretches out to the perfect size.  

Each sock has a rubber decal inside on the heal and ankle area which helps to hold your sock in place.  This rubber decal helps to ensure your sock does not slide down!  

The material is very soft and lightweight!  The material is made up of 100% combed cotton! 

As you can see in the picture above, you can not see my socks at all. 

Here is another look as you can not see my socks in this picture also.  These shoes stop a little lower than the first pair of shoes I showed.  You still can not see my socks!

I absolutely love these socks! I hate wearing shorts or capri pants with my sneakers when my socks poke out! It is just not my style.  These socks make it so they do not show at all but you actually have socks on.  You have to wear socks no matter what due to perspiring!  If you have ever worn a pair of shoes without sock you know how stinky your shoe gets then you end up ruining your shoes because of the sweaty smell...not good! I have worn many different no-show socks and have dealt with my sock sliding down off of my ankle and heel.  That can be very frustrating but having the rubber gripper inside has made it so my socks stay up all day!  The rubber piece is so small you don't even notice it is in there!  I wear a size 6 in men shoes and these socks fit me perfectly! I definitely recommend these socks!

If you would like to purchase your pack of 12 Casual Low Cut No Show Socks click HERE!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.