Sunday, May 22, 2016

Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent #Giveaway

The Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent works on so many different kinds of stains.  There are 5 people in my household.  I have seen stains I never knew existed lol! 

The Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent is safe on colors! This detergent is literally stain fighters in a bottle! This detergent can work on 100 different kinds of stains.  The amazing thing about this product is it is bleach free!

This detergent comes in two different types of scents:
Original Fresh
Sunny Linen

We received our detergent in the scent of Sunny Linen and it smells so good!

I deal with so many different stains! I do all the laundry in the house so I know how tough it can be to get out some stains.  We deal with oil stains, grass stains, food stains and many more

Below I am going to walk you through my process of removing a stain my daughter got on her shirt.  While we were at my sons football game, my daughter got a bloody nose.  Blood is really hard to get out especially if your not home to take care of the problem.  The shirt sat for a few days.  Now lets see if Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent was able to get this shirt stain free.....

Here is the shirt that got blood on it! I circled the areas that had the dry blood stains on it.

First step - Pour some of the Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent into the cap.

Rub the Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent into the areas were the stains are.

Set a timer for 5 minutes and let it sit there.

I rinsed the shirt off.  You don't have too but I did.

Next - Pour in the desired amount of Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent before adding your clothes in the washer.

Shirt is in the washer :)

The shirt is washed and dried now!



I was really shocked to see how well this took out he blood stain.  This stain sat and settled into the material for a few days, so I was wondering if I was going to even be able to get it out!  It got the blood out with no left over stain residue!  I now know which detergent I will be buying! NO stains can mess with me!

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Purex Plus Clorox 2 Detergent Giveaway

The Purex® brand provided me with a sample of Purex® plus Clorox 2® detergent in exchange for a product review. However all the opinions expressed here are my own