Tuesday, April 12, 2016

SCENIC Electric LCD Hair Straightener

The SCENIC Electric Hair Straightening brush works amazing! I was so excited to try this product! This straightening brush came with an instructional pamphlet which always helps. 

The hair brush straightener comes in baby pink. 

There is a LCD screen on the front side of the brush which lights up blue, this screen will have the reading of the temperature on it.

There is a power button and then two other buttons which will turn up and down the temperature.

I tried this straightening brush on my daughter's hair. If this straightening brush could straighten her hair then this will straighten anyone's hair. Her hair used to be curly but as she has gotten older the curls are only on the bottom of her hair and the rest of her hair is wavy and puffy!


First thing before using this product on your hair is to brush your hair with a normal brush, then section off sections of hair as it will work better and then holding the hair taught at the ends run the hair straightening brush down the hair.  

Section your hair into sections.

Half of Nevaeh's hair is done!

The lowest setting temperature on this hair straightener brush is 80 Celsius and the highest is 230 Celsius. It has 11 different temperature settings.

I have straightened her hair with a traditional straightener and it takes us forever, this one only took us about 15 minutes to do her whole head, AMAZING! Not once did this straightener get to hot for her. One day she will be able to do her own hair with this.


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I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.