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North Pole Mens Faded Glory Floral Swim Trunks

These North Pole Faded Glory swim trunks are very nice! They come in this awesome Black floral print! I originally got these for my little brother but he tried them on and they were way too short for his liking, so I gave them to my son. They fit him perfectly! My son loves the Hawaiian pattern.

These swimming trunks are in the size small. Perfect for my 8 year old!

They have little slits on each side of the legs.

These swimming trunks have pockets. 

Also 1 pocket on the backside held down with velcro.

These swim trunks are very comfortable! My son Taylor said he cant wait to wear these to the pool this summer!

There is also an inside drawstring which will help keep these swim trunks up!

The band on the waist is stretchable!

These swim trunks are made with very good quality! We love the pattern and style of these trunks! Taylor is going to be stylin at the pool this year!
If you would like to purchase your own pair of Faded Glory swim trunks click

SCENIC Electric LCD Hair Straightener

The SCENIC Electric Hair Straightening brush works amazing! I was so excited to try this product! This straightening brush came with an instructional pamphlet which always helps. 

The hair brush straightener comes in baby pink. 

There is a LCD screen on the front side of the brush which lights up blue, this screen will have the reading of the temperature on it.

There is a power button and then two other buttons which will turn up and down the temperature.

I tried this straightening brush on my daughter's hair. If this straightening brush could straighten her hair then this will straighten anyone's hair. Her hair used to be curly but as she has gotten older the curls are only on the bottom of her hair and the rest of her hair is wavy and puffy!


Dimore® Men's Full Cut Briefs Cotton Underwear Briefs Elastic Waistband 5 Pack

This pack of 5 Comfort cotton briefs are very comfortable pairs of underwear for men.  This pack of underwear comes in 5 different colors: 

Light Blue



 Dark Blue


 They all say Dimore around the stretchable band. 

We picked Medium in the size we wanted and they fit perfectly.

The backside of these underwear cover the bottom completely!  The stitching is well sewed and very good quality! 

Lifestance Super Bright 6 Led Solar Motion Sensor Wireless Weatherproof Outdoor Auto Security Night Light

Hey everyone today I wanted to show you this awesome Solar light! This light is weather proof so you can use it outside. This light has 6 led chip solar lights which shine bright and also dim. I love solar lights, they are one of the most coolest kind of lights! How solar lights work is the sun charges the solar light during the day and then at night converts into a electric energy which produces the light. This particular light has an On/Off switch. Once the switch is in the On position it will produce light up to 12 hours. I really enjoy that this light has a motion senor which will detect any movement from 16-26 feet near and the light will come on for 15 seconds with the bright light and then dim down. The company states that the battery they use is 18650 lithium 2200mAH type which will last longer than most of the solar lights on the market.

Here is how it came in the box! The solar light, instructions, bracket and screws. It was very easy to mount and the instructions were very ea…