Friday, March 4, 2016

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Review and Giveaway

If your looking for a great way to enjoy fresh smells in your home, then you will want to continue reading! I am always looking for multiple products to put in different areas of my house that give repeated fragrance. I have tried them all...until I was sent these Renuzit Sensitive Scents products. I really enjoy that this line was made for those who are sensitive to scents because my husband isn't big on scents in the house ......but dang sometimes it needs a refreshing smell. This line of scents come in very  soft and pleasant smells. It also comes in three different types of ways to enjoy the Renuzit Sensitive Scents line. 

There is:

Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber
Pure Ocean Breeze 
Pure White Pear & Lavendar

Now let me show you each product.....

This is the Renuzit Sensitive Scent Super Odor Neutralizer in Pure White Pear & Lavender

This 3 in 1 spray eliminates odors in the air, on fabric and also can be used on the carpet.

One of my favorite places to use this spray is on the couch that my dog sits on! Yes this couch can get a funky smell.....since I have been refreshing this couch with this spray it smells SO MUCH BETTER!

This is the Renuzit Sensitive Scent Scented Oil plug In, in the scent Pure Ocean Breeze. These oils can fit into any Glade or Air Wick oil warming unit.

I put this oil scent unit in my bathroom! It gives off such an amazing put not over powering smell.

This is the adjustable cone in Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber

This is made of biodegradable gel. You lift the lid as far as up as would like. The higher the lid the more fragrance will come out. 

I put this cone in the bathroom. These cones are perfect for small spaces like a guest bathroom. It leaves the bathroom refreshing and we all know it could use that!

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Renuzit Sensitive Scents


The Renuzit brand provided me with samples of Renuzit Sensitive Scents  in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.