Friday, January 22, 2016

Lugz ~ Snow White Collection ~ Discount Code

Lugz introduces its "Snow White" collection! Whether the real "white" stuff touches down by you or not, you can still look fashionable and be comfortable this winter! Since 1993 Lugz has been making great footwear for the entire family, but it just keeps getting better and better. Treat yourself and be ready for whatever weather comes your way. 

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

PLAYSKOOL Friends ~ My Little Pony sent my toddler and I this Playskool Little Pony Rainbow Dash  Friendship Bus and also Rainbow Dash and Bumblesweet figurines.

Playskool Friends My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Friendship Bus:
(a little information via Walmart)
Cruise around with Rainbow Dash in her bus made just for toddlers
Pony figure is perfectly proportioned for little hands
Open and close sign, spin roller and push the button to make the door open
Bus fits 2 other Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures (sold separately)
Ages 18 months and up
Other Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures sold separately. Subject to availability.
Includes vehicle and 1 pony figure

Bentley really enjoyed playing with this toy set. He did find the figurines very easy to hold in his tiny little hands. At  his age he really enjoys vehicles that the doors open and close, so this friendship bus was perfect for that interaction. Crowdtap sent 2 extra figurines which he was able to put all of them in the friendship bus and take them on his adventure. Such a cute toy for his age! Our house loves to watch My Little Pony so it was fun to be able to watch him interact with this toy.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion. #sponsored

AdoramaPix ~ Easy to Order ~ Beautiful Pictures

Are you looking for a trendy new way of hanging pictures in your home or office? I have the perfect idea for you! Recently I had the opportunity to work with AdoramaPix.

AdoramaPix is an Online Professional photo printing lab that makes it easy for you and I to create collages, calendars, wall decor, cards,  personalized photo books and more right from your computer.

I ordered a metal print that was 11 x 17 with a glossy finish. There are so many different sizes and also finishes to choose from.

It was so easy to go through the steps and place my order for the metal print. I ordered mine on 11/24/2015 and received it 12/11/2015. It came super fast if you ask me! The company stayed in contact with me through out my order purchasing and upon receiving it. They sent me a tracking number also, which is always great to have.

Now let me show you what I got :)

I picked a picture of our dog, Deuce! We love him with all of our hearts and it was a great way to post his picture in our house.

The company sent everything I needed to mount the picture on the wall.

Here is a side view of the metal print. As you can see the metal print lays on a pop out shield with little soft studs that prevent the picture from scratching the wall.

I definitely recommend using the online store AdoramaPix! I could not believe how easy it was to order my print. The quality of  the metal print is amazing! I like that it doesn't sit flat on the wall, that it has some dimension to it. I will definitely be purchasing more of these prints to feel my walls in my house!

"From Photo Books to Prints on Paper, Metal or Canvas, AdoramaPix can help you to preserve and display your most precious memories. Hand crafted, professionally inspected, and made of the finest materials, our printed products are made to look beautiful and last a lifetime." stated by AdoramaPix.

If you would like to purchase your own metal print or choose another form of picture memory click HERE!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Billion Dollar Brows ~ Best Seller Kit ~ Giveaway

Billion Dollar Brows has done it again......another fabulous brow kit. This is there Best Sellers Kit! This kit has everything you will need to create the beautiful brow of your choice! Now lets see what this kit came with, how I used it and what it looked like!

4 must have tools for fabulous brows

Wow ....I must say when I seen this brush I was super excited to try it out! This is the Smudge Brush which I will explain soon! It is a flat synthetic brush.

The Bro Duo Pencil ~ Concealer and Highlighter stick

The Universal Brow Pencil.  This pencil is formulated to work with most skin tones and hair colors

The Universal Brow Pencil is retractable.

It also has the "Must Needed" spoolie on the other end.

The Brow Gel is one of the nicest I have ever used. The tube releases just the right amount of product on the wand.

So here we are....clean and moisturized face! Ready to apply the Billion Dollar Brows Best Seller Kit!

Lets take you step by step on how I acheived my brow
1.Use the Spoolie and brush your eyebrows down into the natural shape your hair lays
2. Using the Universal Brow pencil start filling in your brow. I start at the arch of the brow and use light strokes towards the tail. I noticed with this pencil the harder you press the darker the color. Once I got the arch colored into my liking I line the hair line area above and below to create a barrier of where I want my color to be. I then start to fill in that area between my "barrier" outline.
3. I used the smudge brush throughout my whole brow. I used this brush to sweep the color darker on my tail and move extra color around to areas needing it. The flat head made it a perfect fit to smudge the areas like the tail of my brow with color. The Universal Brow Pencil is a little thick at the tip, so I found using the brush for this area was perfect. I also smudged the color in the front of my brow also as I don't like that area as dark as the tail of my brow.
4. I then took the spoolie and precisely ran it over my whole eyebrow making sure to take off any extra product that wasn't needed and it also helps to make the product look more realistic.
5. I then took the Bro Duo Pencil and used the concealer side and drew above the upper line of my brow....From the beginning all the way to the end of my brow. I took another brush I had and cleaned up all the concealer. Doing this step sure cleans up any mistakes you may have made and also makes them pop.
6. Also using the Bro Duo Pencil I used the highlighter end underneath my whole eyebrow to highlight underneath and this also cleaned up any uneven lines.
7. Last step....swipe the brow gel over your eyebrows and you my dear will have non-flaking....set....beautiful brows!

2 down!

See how beautiful great filled in brows make your makeup look! LOL now you can see some brows on me! 

All ready to roll! I feel good, look good and my brows are on point! Thanks to Billion Dollar Brows and there Best Sellers Kit! There products are amazing! My eyebrows stayed on and in place all day and night! 

If you would like to purchase the Best Sellers Kit click HERE
This kit values at $68.00 but you can purchase it on there site for $42.00
This Kit has everything you will need to create your perfect brow!


3 Grand Prize Winners will receive a prize package consisting of there Billion Dollar Brows "Best Sellers" Kit. Transform your brows with these essential brow products!
I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Billion Dollar Brows ~ 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows ~ GIVEAWAY

So if you dont know by now I am a makeup lover to the fulliest! One of the most important things when doing your makeup is reaizing how much your eyebrows frame your face. I like to keep up on my grooming and also love to fill in my brows as I have light and very sparse brows in some areas. Billion Dollar Brows sent me the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brow kit  to review so lets get started and see what it came with, how I used it and what it looked like!

This kit came with a Brow duo Angled brush / Spoolie and also a  brow powder in Taupe. 

The Brow powder in Taupe is perfect for my color of hair and even some blondes. The lighter your hand the lighter the product is on your brows.

The Brow Angled Brush is perfectly slanted and is the perfect size to fill in any brows

I love that this Brow Brush has a Spoolie on the other end! It is one of the most needed tools when trying to achieve a beautiful filled in brow. we are! Fresh face no makeup on. I have washed my face and applied my moisterizer.

My brows have been over plucked since I started plucking them in high school. I wish I would have known what I was doing too my brows then ......but at that time thin brows were in. So I have been growing my brows out for a few years now and it is not an easy thing too do especially when you have OCD like me! LOL

This product claims to give you beautiful brows in 60 seconds and I have to agree IT DID JUST THAT!!!

First I used the spoolie to brush down my eyebrow hairs to lay in the direction they are suppose to. Then I dipped the eyebrow brush into the eyebrow powder and started at the arch of my brow sweeping it towards the tail of the brow. Then I dip again and follow the under & upper lining of my brows which will create the barriers I want to stay in. Then I start filling in the middle of the brows and last thing I do is the front of the brow. Then I take the spoolie again and run it over the whole brow but being as precise as I can so I dont move the product out of the area of my brow. When you brush your brows after the product is on, it will help to make the product look more realistic on your brows, it will take away any extra product and re-groom the hairs in the place you want them.

Finished!!!! Yes it was very quick and easy to do! I dont always get "me" time with 3 kids so this product is perfect for those days I need a quick brow.

One rule of thumb to remember is Eyebrows are sisters not twins! My eyebrows with no product on them are very different! So when filling in your brows keep that in mind!

Makeup Done and brows look fabulous!

Ready for the day!

If your looking for an easy brow kit check out Billion Dollar Brows by clicking HERE
The product is valued at $34.00 but is only $24.00 on the site!!!


3 Grand Prize Winners will receive a prize package consisting of there Billion Dollar Brows "Best Sellers" Kit. Transform your brows with these essential brow products!

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion!