Friday, November 20, 2015

Color Me Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah #Review

Are you looking for a fun way to enjoy art? Well Color Me Mine is the perfect place to celebrate, have fun and paint! I was able to take my kids their for my daughter Nevaeh's birthday. We had never been here so we all were super excited! I took my 2 year old son Bentley, Daughter Nevaeh, my son Taylor and my brother Joey along.

Nice huge table for all of us to sit together

Color Me Mine is a place where you pay a studio fee. Children and Adult fees are different. Around the perimeter of the walls they have shelves with ceramic pieces to choose from. Once you pick the piece you want to paint, there are many tables to sit along with your party and paint. They have everything you will need to paint your piece. All kinds of different paint colors and tools. Once your done painting you leave your piece with employee and come back 5 days later once they put your piece in a oven you go back and pick it up.

They had so many different things to choose from. 


There was so many different colors, brushes and stencils to use. The tiles above the paints shows what the colors will look like once it goes in the oven.
Here is a look inside of Color Me Mine. Many tables for customers to sit at.

Nevaeh and Bentley having fun painting!

Taylor and Joey having fun painting!
Bentley's Car (Blue) Nevaeh's Elephant, Taylor's Car and Joey's Octopus
Hard at work painting

Here is there art work after it was put into the oven.
It was such a fun place to go! I cant wait to take my kids back there and have an artistic day with them. I definitely think if you have a Color Me Mine near you, check it out!

Check out there website at

I received a gift card for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.