Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop #OVSBabyBathScoop

The Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop is a great to add to your little ones bath toys. I hate having all of my sons bath toys around the rim of the tub. I always pick them up out of the tub once he is done bathing and playing but my husband on the other hand just leaves them in the tub. Having this Baby scoop has made it very easy and convenient to store his bath toys in.
The scoop is detachable from the suction cups. You can remove it and drop the toys into the bath and then you can also scoop the toys back in. It as holes that can release any excess water that maybe left in and on toys and helps dry the toys. I love that my sons bath toys have a place and its not the rim of the tub where they always fell down. I would definitely recommend this Bath Scoop for every child during bath time to store and dry toys!

Here is a little information provided by the company:
Baby Bath Scoop - Organizer Storage Basket Toy Holder for Baby & ToddlersMake Bath Time Clean Up a Breeze with this Fast & Efficient Bath Toy ScoopEasily Store & Dry your Child's Bath Toys
- Large storage capacity
- Durable wall mount with two strong suction cups
- Large drainage holes plus additional air vents on back of scoop

The Easy Solution to Rinse, Dry and Store your Toddler's Bath Toys
Children's bath toys can easily take over the bathroom. Many of the current storage solutions do not include adequate air circulation to prevent both toys and storage containers from becoming moldy. Our bath organizer makes bath toy clean up as easy as child's play:
- Toys are stored within easy reach at the side of the bathtub or shower.
- The innovative scoop design allows for efficient drainage and air circulation to dry and protect toys when not in use.

The unisex purple and green colors make this a great product for both boys & girls. This popular bath scoop also makes a great present for baby showers, new mums and toddler birthday parties.
The scoop can also be used as an efficient space saver for adults' shampoo, shower gel and bath products.

Baby & Environmentally Friendly
- BPA, Phthalate & PVC-Free
- No wasteful cardboard or plastic used in product packaging
If you would like to purchase your own Baby & Toddler Bath Scoop click HERE
I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.