Sunday, May 3, 2015

MFLO Selfie Stick #MFLOSelfieStick

The MFLO Selfie Stick has been so fun to  have around! Being a blogger/reviewer I take a lot of selfies, so having this sure has helped out! Before I received this I seen this girl at my sons soccer game using one of these to record the game and take selfies......when I seen her I was like what the heck is she using. Now that I have had the chance to try it out, it is way helpful! The only thing I did notice that I am bummed out about is you can record a video but you will not have any sound! Sucks I got the cutest video of my 2 year old son and our Dog Deuce playing together. I had to hide around the corner so they wouldn't stop because I was watching them. The MFLO Selfie Stick worked great to spy and record them but would  have been nice to hear what my son was saying to the dog.

It extends out to 3.28 feet

You slide your phone through the slot, plug in the cord to the end of your phone. You can secure your phone by using the orange grip holder. Then extend the arm as much as you want. 

There is a button on the handle you press to take pictures or stop and stop your video recordings.

We have had a lot of fun using the MFLO Selfie Stick

Here is some product information stated by MFLO: 
- Includes camera phone mount that fits most phones and cameras. 
- Extendable handheld selfie stick for Android , IOS Devices and Digital Cameras 
- Adjustable phone adapter fits all phone width less than 6-8 cm 
- Monopod also fits camera with 1/4 inch screw Adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position. 
- Perfect combination for the users taking photo themselves with their iPhones. - Anti-slip handle. 
- Collapses down to 24cm and extends all the way out to 100cm. 
- Eliminates the need to have strangers snap your pic. 

If you would like to purchase the MFLO Selfie Stick click Here

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion