Friday, May 15, 2015

Makeup Blender Latex Free Foundation Sponge #BBloggers

Alright everyone if you havent tried a Sponge to apply your foundation and or your concealer you are really missing out! I have been using this PINK Latex Free Blender Gourd Sponge by At first I was kind of skeptical of using a sponge to apply my face makeup. Well let me tell you how amazing it is! It blends out my foundation perfectly! It doesn't leave my foundation looking blotchy or uneven. I also love to use the pointy part of the sponge for blending in my concealer. It is the perfect shape to get right underneath my lash line and on the inner corner of my eyes. 

In order to get the perfect flawless application it is very important to run your Makeup Blender Sponge under cold running water. I squeeze the sponge up to fifteen times under the running water for the sponge to expand. You will visually be able to see it expand as the picture above shows. Then I squeeze the sponge of any excess water and squeeze it into a paper-towel. You want the sponge damp but not dripping wet. Then dot your foundation or concealer on your face and start blending it in with your sponge.

You can also use a face spray like the Studio Fix+ by M.A.C. instead of using water on your makeup gourd sponge. 

I had not cleaned my makeup sponge in these pictures but the way I do it is.....I pour antibacterial soap in to my hand after the sponge is wet and I swirl the sponge in all directions to get the makeup residue off. I then rinse and repeat as much as needed. Always remember to clean your sponge at least 1 once a week.

Here is some information provided by
Apply foundation flawlessly with a soft makeup sponge that will leave a smooth, even application. With its teardrop shape, sponge is easy to hold while providing both small and wide surface coverage. Eliminate streaks and allow even distribution of liquid and powder foundation every time.

Flawless Application of Liquid Foundation Makeup
No Streaks, Even Distribution
Use Pointed Side Around Nose and Eye Area
Use Wide Side Around Chin, Face, and Forehead
Easy to Clean

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.