Monday, May 4, 2015

FurBuddy Pet Grooming deShedding Tool 100MM

I was so happy when we received this FurBuddy Pet Grooming deShedding Tool 100MM. Our dog Deuce has been shedding so much! You can not wear a black shirt in my house without looking like you rolled in a pile of fur! It drives me insane sometimes, especially if we have somewhere to go. Don't get me wrong I love my dog with all my heart I just wish his hair would blow off in the wind rather than be all over our house :) Deuce loved the way it felt when we glided the deShedding tool on his fur coat. It was easy to comb on his hair and move around his body. Since we have been using this tool we have noticed a huge difference of the amount of pet hair we find in the house.

(LOL Deuce was being camera shy)

As stated by Healthy Homes LLC: 
REDUCE SHEDDING IN MINUTES - REMOVES UP TO 90% OF DEAD AND LOOSE HAIR WITHOUT DAMAGING THE TOPCOAT. Used and Recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers and Pet Professionals. This Tool is Guaranteed to Reduce Shedding Better Than any Brush, Rake or Comb! This Tool Enables You to Share Your Home with Your Pet, Without Surrendering it to Hair.

STAINLESS STEEL BLADE - 100MM - The Stainless Steel Edge Reaches Deep Beneath Your Pet's Topcoat to Safely Remove the Dead Undercoat and Loose Hair Faster, Easier and Painlessly. 

SILICA GEL HANDLE PROTECTS HUMANS & PETS FROM SKIN ALLERGIES. This Newly Designed Ergonomic Handle is Made of Environmentally Friendly Materials that mold to the shape of your hand to make deshedding easy and comfortable.

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