Monday, May 11, 2015

Beautifoot B-Foot Foot Peel

 I got the opportunity to try the Beautifoot B-Foot Foot Peel. I am all about how having pretty feet that are nice and clear of dead skin. I wear sandals and flip flops for most of the year so my feet always have to look their best! I am not a foot fan at all but I think if you at least stay on top of them by making sure they are CLEAN, free of dead skin and toenails painted it helps a lot. I have tried everything to get the dead skin off of my feet from pumice stones, Foot Scrubs and various different hand tools that are made for your feet. I have never found anything that actually got all the dead skin off until I tried this foot peel. So in order to give you my full review I did not clean off my dead skin at all until I used this foot Peel.

The Beautifoot  B-Foot Foot Peel is very easy to use:
1. Open the foil packets that hold the foot baggies.
2. Insert your foot into the bootie's.
3. Put socks on over the bootie's.
4. Wear the bootie's for 90 minutes.
5. These bootie's are a one time use.
6. Wash off your feet thoroughly with cool water and pat dry.

Your feet will start to shed the skin within 4-7 days

I am still in the shedding of the dead skin process but so far I can see a huge difference in the way my feet feel and look. I get really cracked heels and this peeled off that dead skin so well. I could not show the peeling process as it was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen but it look as the section on the left foot on the picture above.  The skin literally starts rising and breaks apart. I would definitely try this again! So far though my feet are super soft in the areas the skin has came off! Now I can go rub my hubby with my feet and know they feel soft!

Here is a little information as provided by Beautifoot:
A pedipeel is an easy,treatment used at home to naturally exfoliate dry cracked skin from your feet. The single use package contains one pair of booties prefilled with a natural plant extract solution that causes the older, drier skin to painlessly peel away to reveal healthy supple skin. Ideal for adult women and men that have dry,cracked,tired feet. Foot-Peels remove the ugly-troublesome dead layers of skin that build up from everyday life. Human skin is composed of three layers - the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat. The epidermis contains keratinocytes. The outer most layer of epidermis (cornified layer) contains dead keratinocytes that build up and usually exfoliate naturally over time. This cornified layer normally protects the foot from the environment as well as maintaining a moisture balance. Sometimes, excessive keratinocytes build up in certain areas of the foot from such causes as prolonged standing, sports, and from ill-fitting shoes. The excessive buildup of keratin can cause calluses and may lead to discomfort and accumulation of skin layers that promote foot odor. The extra keratin can lead to dry hardened soles and unsightly, cracked heels. Before beaautifoot, it was very difficult to remove the dead skin layers without unnecessary trauma - there were very few options . scraping forcibly with a pumice or visiting a nail salon where a technician would forcicibliy scrape the skin with lightly sterilized tools - leading to risk of infection and bleeding. Beautifoot works by removing the dead layers of excessive skin in a natural and gentle fashion - Beautifoot contains a special combination of natural fruit acids that gently loosen the connections between the keratinocytes (desmosomes) and allow for a gradual, yet gentle exfoliation - free of pain or skin abrasions. Once proper skin turnover is reestablished, the keratinocytes can reestablish the moisture barrier and it is easier to maintain beautiful, smooth feet.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.