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3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger #CarCharger

The 3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger is a very good car charger! I have been using this charger since I received it and I can tell its a great one. The ones I have bought before have broke so fast or came apart. This charger fits perfectly in to my iPhone 5c, the little connector doesn't come out or wiggle around! I would definitely recommend this car charger if you are looking for  a durable one. I really enjoy that I can hook a USB plug into this and charge two phones at a time! My husband and I have been enjoying having two chargers in the car. Here is a little information provided by the company: Charge additional device with built-in USB port • Over-charge protection • Apple Mfi Certified • 1 Year Warranty If you would like to purchase your own 3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger click  HERE I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.

Renuzit Pearl Scents Giveaway

I am always looking for some kind of stylish scent, that smells good to add to every room in my house! These Renuzit Pearl Scents are very cute and also smell really good! These are a flames less and plug less air freshener that lasts up to 30 days! I ended up using this one in the restroom! The bathroom always needs a little fresh air in their! It is very easy to use. You remove the lid and take off the foil liner inside to release the smell. You out the stylish lid back and enjoy the beautiful smell! I like to periodically shake it to move around the scent pearls and release more scent into the air! Your choices in scents are: ~Pure Breeze ~After the Rain ~Tranquil ~Serenity  ~Seductive Pineapple (would love to smell this one) You can connect with Renuzit on  Facebook ,  Twitter  and  Instagram 2 LUCKY FOLLOWERS HAVE THE CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE THE RENUZIT PEARL SCENTS! ENTER BELOW! GOOD LUCK ! RENUZIT SCENT PEARLS The Renuz

Junior Plus Size Womens Maxi Dress #Libian

This Junior Plus size maxi dress is so beautiful! The white rose embroidery print that starts underneath the bust is absolutely gorgeous. The material is made of rayon and spandex. The top of the dress is a tube top that is not too tight nor is it too loose.  I wore this beautiful maxi dress for a Mother's Day barbecue! I got so many compliments ( even my husband thought this maxi dress was beautiful ) and what I love the most is I looked beautiful but was also comfortable. This dress is perfect for any occasion. If you get a little chilly or feel the need to cover up your shoulders you can always add a light cardigan which will still leave this maxi dress looking fabulous! Obviously since this is a maxi dress it is really long in length, I think next time I may wear some wedges as I stepped on my dress a few times! The Junior Plus Size Womens Maxi Dress comes in Black,  Fuchsia, Tomato Red, and Royal Blue. I definitely want to buy another one of these dres

Microfiber Hair Drying Towel #hiarahairtowel

The Mircofiber hair towel by Hiara is absolute must have product to have. I never knew how great a hair towel worked until i tried it out for my self. Lets be honest I never knew they had specific hair towels. I think every man and female should own a hair towel and here is why? Since i have been using this hair towel I have noticed how fast my hair drys. Its amazing when you can put on your makeup and unwrap your hair and your hair is 75%-85% dry! Now if your anything like me you don't have much time to get ready but would love to have your hair all done. With the time crunch I am always in this hair towel helps me out so much! It cuts my blow drying time down significantly, I timed my self the other day and I ended up blow drying my hair completely dry for only 8 minutes...yes you read that right 8 minutes. Before I used this hair towel my blow dry time would take at leat 35 minutes duh to having thick hair that is long. Which led to me always putting my hair up in a bun bec

2015 IPX67 Bluetooth Shower Speaker #evoaudio

I am one of the hugest fans of these Bluetooth Shower Speakers. The  IPX67 Bluetooth Shower Speaker has such wonderful sound quality! This summer we are going to bring this speaker to the pool with us and listen to music! I love the fact that I can answer any incoming call while listening to music! You will never miss a call and you can jam out at the same time.....Awesome! Check out my video review of the 2015 IPX67 Bluetooth Shower Speaker below! Fathers day is right around the corner and I think any dad would love to have one of these speakers! These make great gifts for any one who enjoys listening to music! It is super easy to pair your phone up to this speaker. Here is a little information provided by Amphibia: PREMIUM QUALITY SOUND – Bigger Speaker! Better Sound! Crystal clear sound The 5 KW SPEAKER OVER Delivers flawlessly. Wake Up Singing in shower, Or The Rain!  the backyard, or the pool, our speaker will satisfy the music lover in you. Pair

IncreduLash Eyelash Growth Serum Review + Giveaway #eyelashes

I have always had a problem with over plucking my eyebrows. I am not a fan of bushy eyebrows so when I pluck I have the tendency to take to much hair off. The worst thing ever is waiting for that hair to grow back, it takes forever. So I have been using the IncreduLash Eyelash Growth Serum on my brows and noticed my eyebrows grew back faster than they normally would.  It has really made a difference in the amount of hair that grew back. The hair seemed more thicker which is great! Now I know I have a product that will save me just in case I over do it with the struggles of plucking.     Here is a little information provided by the company: Get Longer Lashes Naturally - You Too Can Have Lashes to Die For Enjoy Beautiful long lashes and thicker brows, with our powerful combination of apple stem cell, peptides and botanical complex LONGER NATURAL LASHES – This is great because you don't have to use false eyelashes anymore with all that damage to your natural

Dog Bowls 32 Ounce Made of Stainless Steel #zitriom

These dog bowls are the best! I got them for our dog Deuce but he is the messiest eater ever so I ended up giving them to my sister in law for their dog who is a little smaller than Deuce. What I did enjoy when we had these out for Deuce was they have a grip lining on the bottom of the bowls where it keeps the bowls in place. The plastic bowls we had before would be moved all around which drove me crazy because I would ended up finding his bowl in the middle of the room. The Stain of steel is easy to clean and looks very nice. Here is some information provided by the company: Stainless steel Dog Bowls with rubber bottoms that wont slip. The Best Dog Bowls on the market This Bowl didn't slide all over the place when your dog is eating. Features - Premium Dog Bowls at best price on  - Made With Highest Quality Materials Available  - With rubber bottoms that wont slip  - Beautiful Design in Stainless Steel. Benefits - 2 Dog Bowls for the

7pcs Makeup Brushes Set w/ Stylish Case #makeupbrushes

One of my favorite things to try are makeup brushes. I love makeup but in order to correctly apply your makeup you need some great quality brushes. The Xtava 7 piece Makeup Brushes Set with the Stylish Case is an awesome brush set to add to your collection. The set includes: A Powder Brush, Contour Brush, Foundation Brush, Precision Eyebrow Definer Brush,  Eye Shadow Base Brush,  Eye Shader Brush, and Lip Brush The are very sleek and chic. You can tell they are made of good quality material. The Handles are a nice thick wood and the Ferrell is a strong metal. I haven't noticed any shedding coming from them either. The #2 Brush shown in the picture above is one of my favorite brushes to apply my contour color with. I am able to put the color directly in the spot I want with out it looking blotchy. Then I use a different brush to blend it out. The case makes it so nice to either store or travel with! The brushes fit perfectly and the case is nice and styl

Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets Tropical Escape #PurexTropical

One of the things I dread doing every week is laundry. It piles up so fast especially since I do laundry for 5 people. So when I find something that may make  the laundry process a little easier it helps. The Purex  Complete 3-in-1 laundry sheets are so convenient and easy to use. I was shocked thinking at first these were for the drier until i read more about them. I have never seen laundry sheets for the washer. Also the Tropical Escape smells very good! My kind of scent for our clothes. You get 20 Sheets in this convenient case. Its nice and slim. This would be very easy to take to laundry mats or to travel with. Here is what the sheet looks like. This 3-in-1 is a Detergent, Softener and Anti-Static all in one. Start by filling up your washer and then add the sheets to the water. 1 Sheet = Smaller load 2 Sheet = Bigger load. I love how well these Purex 3 in 1 Laundry Sheets left our clothes so clean. It was much easier to pull out the sheets th

Rid Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller #ridtech

I was so happy when I received this Rid-Tech Ultrasonic Pest Repeller when we did! My townhouse is built on a area of ground that keeps shifting! Which then leads to the pipes not lining up ( yes not right and has been disgusting.) Well one day I seen some ants strolling around in the bathroom that had a sewage leak in it when we first moved in! I could not understand why there would be ants in the bathroom for 1. I am a clean freak and for 2. no one eats in there. I did some research and found out ants are attracted to water! I am not sure if this true but it made more sense to me as why the ants were in the bathroom where the overflow of water came from a while back! I plugged it in there and after a day or so I noticed less and less ants in there! Now I do not have any little ant friends in there and I am so happy! Leave my house because your not wanted in here! Any kind of rodent or insect can be a difficult situation to deal with but not when you own a Rid-Tech Ultrasonic

Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum #slimxtreme3d

Ever since I had my second child my body took a drastic change. What I hate the most is the look of my stomach. I will never wear a two piece bathing suit because it left my stomach with a lot of stretch marks and extra saggy looking skin. I also am dealing with weight issues. I have been trying everything that I can to help with this problem. I had been using the Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum for a little bit now and I could see a big difference in my stomach skin tightening. I had been using it once I got out of the shower. You rub it in the problem areas like my stomach, in a circular motion. Due to medical issues just recently I had to quit using it but I will continue to use it once I have a minor surgery done.    Here is a little information provided by the company: Slim Extreme 3D Thermo Active Shaping Serum ● Warming formula works in 3 steps ● Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite ● Thermo fat burner actively reduces fat deposits ● MDL comple

Flameless Tea Lights Review & Giveaway #Batteryoperatedcandles

I am absolutely loving the MARS Flameless Tea Lights that are battery operated! Have you ever wanted to set up a special occasion for your lover? Or create a relaxing setting with out actually using real candles? Well have no fear because this set of Flameless Tea Lights by Mars is amazing! Not only can you create a fabulous atmosphere with these battery operated Tea Lights it is also safe! I have 3 kids in my house and a dog, so burning regular candles in my house isn't something I feel comfortable doing at this time.  Check out my video below to see what comes with this set! Here are a few ideas you can use these battery operated candles for: 1. Set the candles around the bed on night stands and window seals, then add the rose petals on the bed. 2. Spell out a special message with the rose petals and add the candles to make them glisten. 3. Decorate the bathtub for a relax feeling or romantic setting. 3. Add the candles in areas you want to decorate wit