Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick Gluten Free Paraben Free: Safe

Alright beautiful ladies I had the opportunity to try a new line of makeup that I have never tried before it is the
 Red Apple Lipstick company.
What I absolutely love about this company is their products are Gluten free, Soy free, Corn free, No Harsh Chemicals, GMO friendly and Vegan Friendly!
We use makeup to enhance our traits so using toxic chemicals on our face isn't going to give the results that we are looking for in the long run! 
Red Apple Lipstick uses ingredients to help improve your skin and lips.

The products came in this cute drawstring canvas bag with the 
Red Apple Lipstick logo on it. I received the Rallye Balm,  the Prime-Time eye shadow primer and I was sent some samples of their beautiful lipsticks.

This is a 100% gluten free vitamin E suspended in a special cold press castor seed oil lip balm that helps with cracked and dry lips. This lip balm is odorless and tasteless, has no toxins, preservatives, waxy cover ups, drying or addictive ingredients.

This Rallye Balm is amazing!!! It doesn't matter what season we are in, I am a lip balm freak! I hate having dry cracked lips....it is not pretty nor does it feel good. This Raylle Balm goes on so smooth and helps moisturize my dry lips in no time. I love that their isn't an odor to this lip balm! 
Oh and I forgot to mention I love the packaging!

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The Prime-Time Eye shadow primer is gluten free, allergen free, paraben free, cruelty free, corn free and GMO and Vegan friendly.
The Prime-Time eye shadow primer is to cover any discoloration or veins that may be on your eyelids. It gives you a clean free canvas on you eyelids to add your eye shadows too. The consistency is between a powder and cream formula.

I have used so many different eye shadow primers and I know when I come across a prefect one. This Prime-Time eye shadow primer covered up any darkness, discoloration and veins I had on my eyelids. It was easy to apply as I applied it with my finger tips. You only need a little bit of this product as it goes a long way. I love using eye shadow primers as it gives you a blank canvas to work with before you add your eye shadows. I noticed the color of my eye shadows enhanced more in color and they stayed put all day long. This is a fabulous eye shadow primer! 

Purchase your own Prime-Time Eye Shadow primer HERE

Her is my finish look using the Raylle Balm and the

I am in love with the Red Apple Lipstick line and will definitely be purchasing me more of their products!

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The Red Apple Lipstick company provided me with the products mentioned above in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.