Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to spot a fake Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Is it fake or Authentic?

Do you ever wonder when you find an expensive Naked Urban Decay palette for cheap that it may not be real! Ladies and Gentlemen be careful, there are fake ones made and I am going to teach you how to spot an authentic palette from a fake one.


#1 Packaging

An authentic Naked Urban Decay Palette comes in a plastic box covering that you can see through the front of the packaging to the palette which is sitting on a plastic case and you can see the sample sized present which is an Eye shadow Primer Potion in the original shade! The fake palette comes in a small copper gold cardboard box and no sample!  

Top Palette is the authentic one, bottom palette is the fake one

Back of the packaging

As you can see the Real Naked Urban Decay palette shows you all 12 of their beautiful neutral colors and their is a picture of the Good Karma Eye shadow Brush. The fake palette shows all 12 of the fake naked colors and no brush.

The actual Palette

Fake= Packaging is really light weight. The texture on the palette isn't as smooth as the real one and the cooler is a deep dark brown. The letters A and D on the palette ends a little short compared to the real one. The gold writing seems as though its cheap and cracks easily. 
Real= It feels as though its tough and durable. The packaging feels like velvet and has a brownish red tone to it. The gold writing is definitely sleek and neat.

#2 The Shadows

The real Naked Urban Decay Palette's 12 eye shadows are very smooth creamy in texture and colors are very pigmented eye shadows. The fake Naked Urban Decay Palette's eye shadows come off very chalky feeling and do not show up very good! The letter underneath the eye shadows are not centered or straight either.
Now that you know the difference between the real Naked 
Urban Decay Palette and the fake one please be careful 
when buying! It would be very disappointing to have 
wanted and bought a palette just to find out that you 
bought a dupe!

If you would like to purchase a REAL Urban Decay Naked Palette check out http://www.urbandecay.com