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Advil Fast Acting and Film Coated   I am a member of Crowdtap where I get to try out products and give my honest opinion about it.   I received 8 samples of Advil ....1 for me and 7 to giveaway for others to try and also some $3.00 coupons.       The active ingredient in Advil is Ibuprofen. It is the fastest OTC medicine that has been proven to take pain away before it gets worse! The tablets are coated  with a thin sugar shell that absorbs faster than other medicines and it wont give you the nasty medicine taste when its in your mouth.    Use Fast Acting Advil for: Headaches, back pain, menstrual cramps, muscle aches, toothaches and aches and pains associated with having a bad cold.       So a few days ago I woke up with a headache and I ate a few crackers and took my Advil! I have a problem swallowing pills and anytime the taste of the medicine seeps onto my tongue I literally gag but since these Advil 's are film coated and have a sugar shell


FIGHT LIKE A GIRL  BLOG HOP   I will be picking 3 lucky winners at the end of my giveaway to win....   1. The first winner will win a Halloween theme Julep Nail polish box. (3) Nail polishes and a gel eyeglider.     2. The second winner will win a "Cute Cartoon Backpack" from Obabie of their choice. Click on the link and check out the adorable backpacks so you know which one you are going to pick when your name is announced!         3. The third winner will a $20 gift card from Surviving Momhood! Surviving Momhood specializes in monthly subscriptions boxes that you personalized to your lifestyle. Every mom is different, so personalize a box for yourself or choose something on their website that is valued $20 or more. Check out Surviving Momhood's blog       MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER AND MUST BE A RESIDENT OF THE US TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY

G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y $10 Gift card and a Halloween Hair clip from

G*I*V*E*A*W*A*Y Enter to win a $10 Gift card and a Halloween hair clip from a Rafflecopter giveaway