Monday, December 19, 2016

Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer Review and Discount Code

As you are all aware....I love wearing makeup!  Makeup used correctly can make you feel and look amazing!  One of the best tools for having a beautiful canvas to start with is using a primer on your clean moisturized skin!  I never understood how important it is to wear a primer underneath your foundation until a few years ago.

Now lets talk about this amazing face primer by Studio Gear!

This is a silicone based primer which is perfect for filling in all those fine lines and huge pores!  This face primer has rejuvenating ingredient's in which it will balance out the skin, protect your beautiful face and give it a glow! 

The bottle comes in a white 1 Ounce white tube.  It has a pump which always makes it easier to get the product out!

Here is what the Studio Gear primer looks like!  It is a milky color cream like texture.

My face is all moisturized and I am getting ready to prime my face!

Okay all primed and now I will go apply my makeup!

My makeup is on and I am almost ready to conquer this day!

I ended up adding some eye makeup for a date night with my hubby.  This picture was taken 8 hours after applying my primer and as you can see my skin looks amazing still!  I didn't have to touch up my foundation at all when I went and touched up my makeup for my date! we are getting up close and personal because I want you to see how amazing my skin looks!  You don't see my huge pores I battle with daily!  My skin looks and feels amazing!

After testing this product out...........

My final thoughts of the Studio Gear Primer is it is a FABULOUS product!

Silicone Based
Has a pump
Made my foundation look so beautiful!
Foundation stayed in place well over the wearable time.
Brighten my skin up

There isn't anything I dislike about this product! 

Application Tips:
Before applying this primer.....any primer to be exact ...moisturize your skin.  Allow your skin to soak in the moisturizer before applying the Studio Gear Face Primer.  You will then add 1-2 pumps on the back of your hand.  You now will dot it all over your face.  Rub the primer in with your finger tips or use a makeup brushes as you desire! Allow the primer to settle before adding your foundation....I usually do my brows as I am waiting!

I love way this Studio Primer made my face feel after it was applied.  It left my skin feeling so smooth and silky!  Leaving my skin so silky made applying my foundation even more effortlessly!  This primer does not have a chemically smell to it which is great!  As I have aged my pores are my biggest annoyance, so I am always looking for a primer which will help me fill in those little pesky wholes!  The Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecting Face Primer does exactly what every primer should do!  I definitely recommend this primer and will be purchasing more for myself!


Please visit Studio Gear Cosmetics 

Use the following code: BB
for a 10% discount during the checkout!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

VesFashion Corner Guards

The VesFashion Corner guards are exactly what we were needing in our home!  You will receive 12 corner guards in this set. You will receive 3 packages with 4 corner guards in each package with 6 clear 2 sided round tape studs.  These corner guards are not only perfect for when you have a little baby around but also when furniture corners are so sharp that you don't want anyone to get scraped by them.

Here is a corner guard up close! 

These corner guards are very easy to assemble!
Let me show you how to attach your corner guards to these pointy furniture corners!

Pull off one 2 sided tape and place it on the flat piece of your guard. 

Then we will place it on a dangerous corner like this T.V. stand in my boy's room.  This stand has such sharp corners and the height of this stand is very dangerous to both of my boys.

Once you remove the other piece of paper on the corner guard, you will place the corner guard directly into the sleeve.   There is a perfectly formed 90 degree angel for the corner that you are covering.  Then press down so the 2 sided tape holds on to the surface snug.

I also did the bed post as these corners are way sharp also.

We also attached them to the same furniture in my daughters room.  About 2 weeks ago she scratched her thigh really bad on this corner.  If you have ever ran into a corner of a piece of furniture you know how bad that hurts.  She was so happy to have some security around these dangerous furniture corners!

I definitely recommend the VesFashion corner guards.  They were very easy to attach to furniture.  Now I know my kids will not be getting hurt by these very pointy corners.  I believe the material of these corner guards are made up of silicone or some type of soft plastic.  I love that these corner guards are clear.  I definitely recommend these corner guards to everyone.

If you would like to purchase your own set of VesFashion Corner Guards click HERE

              I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!

Friday, October 28, 2016

MY PURE Fragrance Exclusively from the Fragrance Outlet! COUPON CODE AVAILABLE

I love wearing perfume, especially a very good smelling perfume like this one called My Pure!
I purchased this perfume off of a website called

The Fragrance Outlet is one of the nation's largest retailers of perfume and cologne.  There are over 100 different Fragrance Outlet stores.    If you are looking for designer perfume at an affordable price, Fragrance Outlet is where you need to shop!    The website is very easy to navigate through as your looking for a special fragrance for yourself or as a gift.  You will find everything from sales, women's fragrance, men's cologne, beauty items, exclusive selections and also a store locator.  This website has a search tool which you can put a specific brand or name of fragrance you are searching for. 

The new perfume I chose to add to my collection is called
My Pure for women by Kate Low!

I ordered my perfume online and it was shipped to me.  It took about 9 days to receive my perfume which was perfect! 

My packaged came perfectly wrapped with no damage to the outside box.  As I opened the box up there was a silver bag which had my perfume in it.  It was wrapped very nicely with a beautiful ribbon bow on it.  There was a $5.00 Fragrance Outlet coupon and also 4 samples of perfume (Hugo Boss, Thallium, Only Me..!Passion and Mondaine.)  Samples are always perfect to receive so you can test out new fragrances.  Thank you Fragrance Outlet!

My Pure for women comes in a 3.4 oz bottle!
The glass bottle is a beautiful emerald color with gold writing.

The hardware on this bottle also comes in the color gold which makes this bottle of perfume look so elegant!

Now....lets talk about the aroma!   I knew right away this perfume has a Amber wood like aroma!  The smell of this perfume is strong enough to last all day but it is not over powering!  MY PURE SMELLS AMAZING!  My husband has complimented me on how good I smell! I love the design of the bottle and also the color!  This is a fabulous perfume and I definitely recommend it!

Here is a little information provided by Fragrance Outlet:

My Pure is a one-of-a-kind sensuous and luxurious fragrance featuring a subtle, woody aroma. It is perfect for those fun and adventurous nights, when you’re out in the town and having a great time. My Pure has a definite seductive appeal and catches attention instantly. Ideal for evening wear.

My Pure evokes a sense of luxury and style and captures the essence of female persona beautifully. Right from the start, the fragrance has seductive notes such as plum and iris infusion. The heart is bountiful and exotic with notes of jasmine and Bulgarian rose, which quieten down when the base notes of earthy vetiver and amber sweep in. This scent has a luxurious and sensuous fragrance that boasts of a light, woody aroma that is ideal for those adventurous nights out on the town.
Top Notes: Plum and Iris 
Middle Notes: Bulgarian rose and Jasmine 
Base Notes: Amber and Vetiver 

If you would like to check out the Fragrance Outlet online click HERE.

To find the Fragrance Outlet or Designer Fragrances nearest you, click HERE for the store locator.

To purchase your own bottle of My Pure click HERE 


That is a wonderful deal!  Christmas is right around the corner!  Purchase your loved ones an exclusive or designer brand fragrance at an affordable price!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. #sponsored

Sunday, June 12, 2016

ADFOLF Vintage One Piece Pin Up Swimsuit

The ADFOLF Vintage one piece swimsuit is my now favorite swimsuit to wear!  This swimsuit makes your body look AMAZING!  I ordered my swimsuit in the color black!  I also ordered my swimsuit in XX-Large.   I normally order my swimsuits in X-Large but I wanted to make sure this fit as it was imported and these items run a little smaller.   I am one very happy lady, this swimsuit fits me perfectly!  I am very happy I ordered bigger!  In the picture above, this is what the swimsuit looks like in the front.

Here is what the back of this swimsuit looks like!  I love the basic black color of this swimsuit!  The material is made up of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.  The material feels very comfortable on my body!

I love that this swimsuit comes with adjustable straps giving you away to make comfort or support!  The hardware is a very shinny gold which looks chic with the black!

Now let me show you what I LOVE about this swimsuit!  This picture above shows you the swimsuit rouges in the stomach and chest area!   I love this, reason being is it make you look slimmer and gives you some nice dimension.  Since having my son three years ago I am not a fan of 2 piece bathing suits.  I am always looking for a super cute, fitted and comfortable one piece swimsuit and I have finally found it!  This swim suit not only flatters my curvaceous body but I am also covered in the areas I want to be!  This swimsuit was very comfortable and easy to put on.  My bust is a size 38DD and the cups in this swimsuit fit me perfectly!  If you're looking for that perfect one piece swimsuit.....THIS IS IT!  These swimsuits are on sale right now for $14.99....Such a great price!

If you would like to order your own ADFOLF Vintage One Piece Pin Up Swimsuit click HERE

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

ADFOLF Women's One Piece Bathing Suit Monokini

The ADFOLF women's one piece bathing suit is so comfortable.  I ordered my swimsuit in the size XX-Large.  I usually order size X-large but I waned to make sure this swimsuit would fit me perfectly no matter what, so I ordered bigger!  I am very happy I did that as this XX-Large fit me perfectly! It wasn't too tight at all!  I am always looking for a cute one piece bathing suit!  Since having my last child 3 years ago, I do not feel comfortable in a 2 piece swimsuit anymore and that is okay!  I love that this swimsuit comes in the color black and it has white straps and a white lining around the top of the bathing-suit. The picture above is the front of the swimsuit!

Here is the back of this swimsuit! I also really like the simplicity in this swimsuit!  It was easy to put this swimsuit on and one thing I love about this swimsuit is how high the back lays.  The high back is great for anyone who may not want to show there lower back off.  I really enjoy the thick straps on this swimsuit.  It made this swimsuit very comfortable on my shoulders!  Lets face it not all swimsuits are made for comfort that is for sure!  The material is made up 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

This swimsuit comes with removable pads in the chest area.  You can remove or adjust them as you please.  This swimsuit also has a underwire in it but it is a very small wire.  I didn't even feel it at first until I ran my hand over it.  The one thing I did notice about this swimsuit besides being SO comfortable is it made me look flat chested.   Now I am a 38 DD and my chest fit perfectly in this swimsuit.  The thing that caught me off guard is I had cleavage at the top but it almost looked flat all the way down my chest and stomach.  I think it is the material which is fine for me but if your looking for a sculpting hot one piece this is not it.  I can't wait to take my kids to the pool in my new swimsuit!

If you would like to purchase your ADFOLF Women's One Piece Bathing Suit Monokini click HERE

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.